The magical powers behind Aromatherapy

Aromatheraphy is often overlooked as a buzzword rather than respected for its powerful abilities and importance in skincare. One of the owners of the Yonka company wrote an interesting article about aromatherapy I thought is worth mentioning so I have added it below. 



Now recognized as aromatherapy, therapy by the application or ingestion of essential oils that provides therapeutic properties to the human body, but what about the influence of scent on our psyche? What smells can influence our moods, aggression, calm our anxieties or increase our level of alertness?

By: Catherine Mühlethaler

Aromachology Service Wellness

Since the dawn of time, man intuitively has known that the aromas around him influence his psyche. But it was not until the 1980s that a new science, aromachology, the study of the influence of odors on human behavior, has sought to provide the scientific evidence.

Scents induce a sensory stimulus that adds to our other sensory perceptions: sight, hearing, taste, touch. It is therefore in our memory as an emotional form, pleasant or unpleasant. A scent makes our senses alert, reminding us of pleasant or painful memories. But as everyone knows, what is pleasant for one is not necessarily for the other. And, culturally speaking, large differences exist and thus complicate the interpretation of a feeling.

Neuroscience, through brain imaging, made it possible to highlight some of different scents actions on our deep nerve centers (seats also our emotions and our memory). Thus, according to Sugano, lavender results in an increase of alpha waves in the EEG (electroencephalography), which reflect a relaxing effect. For other authors, lavender increase brain arousal (Lorrig & Roberts, 1990); rosemary, peppermint, sage officinalis improve alertness; but help bring a sense of calm.
Some research has even shown that to help stimulate the memory of a person with a tramatic brain injury, the aromas of everyday biscuits, coffee, grass clippings, wood fire, etc. were very effective!
All this exciting research is still in its infancy but it gives us hope for new and beautiful applications still to be discovered.

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