Feet Treatment

Medical Grade Pedicure meets Foot Facial. Includes: removal of cuticles, dead skin and calluses with our microdermal machine, complete with sea salt scrub, foot softening mask and polish. Our pedicures are performed in a private room and use disposable foot files, foot basin lining, nail file and nail buffer for hygiene!

Microdermapedicure (60 minutes)
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Exclusively at Vis a Vis!

We have been offering our microdermapedicure’s for over 30 years! It is one of our main specialities.
Our main focus is the health of the foot. Our feet are essential to our health and overall well being and is important to maintain them throughout our lives.

The Vis a Vis Difference!

What makes us different is our approach to pedicures and our European Influence. Our pedicures are corrective treatments.

We also adhere to the strictest standards of sterilization and hygiene. We go beyond what is mandatory by Toronto Public Health. We believe it is better to be safe than sorry and that there is no such thing as too clean!

Our Microdermapedicure

All our pedicures are in your own private spa room setting. All our foot soakers are lined with disposable liners to ensure no contamination from other clients. Nail files, buffers and orangewood stickers are disposable or feel free to take them home with you. Our foot files are stainless steel and use removable disposable foot file pads. All our implements are of imported German quality stainless steel medical grade foot implements for the highest quality and performance to correct and perfect your feet! All other implements that are not of stainless steel and cannot be properly sterilized are discarded and never reused. An electrical dremel with specialized pedicure bits buff away dead skin, smooth ridges and perfect the skin and nail. Once the feet are clean, corrected and perfected, we use a sea salt exfoliant, followed by a nourishing cream massage and deep repairing cucumber foot mask and finalize by the nail polish application.

The Ultimate Pedicure Treatment for your Feet! It does not get anymore through than this!

Word of Caution! Pedicures can be dangerous!

The reason why we are so particular about sterilization and hygiene is because Pedicures can be a dangerous breeding ground for bacteria, infections and diseases. Fungus and Planters Warts are highly contagious and very difficult to treat and remove. Bacterial Infections, STDs and Hepatitis have been reported to have been transmitted through pedicures! That’s why sterilization and hygiene is crucial to your health!

Proper sterilization protocol must always be followed! Regardless of how busy a spa may get. For example, many spas may “quickly sterilize” implements instead of the 20 minutes required to completely sterilize implements. Or Foot Baths without disposable liners may be rinsed in between clients to accommodate walk-ins instead of the properly sterilizing the foot basin thoroughly.

Every little detail is crucial for your health!