Laser Hair Removal


There should be an approximate reduction of 80% after 6-10 sessions. The hair remaining is usually fine and is treated with laser touch ups and/or electrolysis. If you have any history of irregular periods, polycystic ovary disease, gray, blonde, red or white hairs, or a family history of excessive hair, hormonal imbalances, use of medications or darker skin, you may require additional treatments. There are all factors that can interfere with your success with laser hair removal.

Maintenance: After 80% reduction, touch ups are recommended to continue the effectiveness of Laser Hair Removal. Touch ups are 50% off the regular price and are usually determined by the Medical Aesthetician.

What to expect: The pulsing from the laser can feel like an elastic band hitting your skin. Afterwards, it is normal to experience some redness, warmth and in some cases temporary swelling.

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Post Treatment

Precautions & Reminders

Any questions or concerns, feel free to contact our medical aestheticians.