GM Collin Rosa Sea Gel-Cream


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G.M. Collin introduces a new skin care that specifically targets sensitive or reactive skin.

Sensitive and reactive skin are identifiable by objective perception, based on the evaluation of clinical evidence such as erythema and the manifestation of papules and pustules, and by subjective or individual perception of stinging, itching, burning or overall discomfort.

Rosa Sea Gel-Cream •Is a fragrance-free formula that provides an overall sensation of well-being to sensitive and reactive skins •It increases the skin’s tolerance to environmental assaults •Through the synergy of highly effective ingredients, Rosa Sea is clinically proven to visibly reduce skin redness, smooth and enhance skin tone uniformity.

Clinically proven results after 28 days: •Reduces skin reactivity by up to 85%

•Reduces the appearance of redness by up to 75% •Increases hydration by up to 48%